Monday, August 13, 2012

MTB Maintainence

Got my skins in the mail couple of days ago. The compression shorts by skins are really good.

The weather today here has been pretty bad, its too misty and cold for me to cycle back from work today. So a friend from work decided to give me a lift back home. I am happy I decided no to cycle home as I firstly didn't have enough layers and secondly the road was hardly visible.

I am yet to buy the tools and de-greaser and lube to carry out a maintenance. Although my bike really needs a good clean.

Recently I found this video on youtube that gave me an idea of how I could clean my bike.

*Note : NEVER EVER USE A HIGH PRESSURE SPRAY ON YOUR BIKE! (it will spoil the bearings)

Things you will need :

  1. Rags (3) / Paper - Towels
  2. Brushes 
  3. De-Greaser 
  4. Chain Lube 
  5. Multipurpose - Spray cleaner 

Start by spraying the multi purpose cleaner on one of the rags and start wiping down your bike. (This is the quickest and easiest way, although dried mud is sometimes hard to clean out).
Use the Brushes to clean hard to reach areas.

Next step is to clean the chain. Set the rear tyre above ground. So that when you move the pedal the rear wheel moves. Spray the de-greaser onto a clean rag. Turn the pedals while holding the chain with the de-greaser cloth. After a few oscillations, use another clean cloth to lube up the chain. Using the same method as de-greasing.

I have yet to try this method out, but I will this week as my bike really needs a good clean.

Well thats all for now.

Thank you for reading.

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