Monday, August 6, 2012

My Bike and I

First of all I would like to apologise for not having any posts recently, I have been busy with work and I'm in the midst of preparing for the re-opening of University for the new semester. Looking forward to going back to Uni after a long break. Although I have been working pretty hard to get the bike up and running throughout the holidays. I will try to update the blog at least once a week at a minimum.

Had a random in the train today come up to me today and said I had a nice ride. The feeling is so good.

I am currently awaiting for the shipment of 3 items from ChainReactionCycles. A hoodie, pair of skins compressions and another headlight for my bike. I am pretty keen to cycle in the night over the next few days. Night cycling seems more peaceful, however recently the weather in Melbourne hasn't been very good. Its been either raining or just really cold. I don't have enough layers or thermals to be cycling long distances in the rain.

Definitely need to get a pair of water resistant pants or pants covers. I'm always getting my work pants dirty these past few shifts when I ride to the train station. My stamina is currently slowly improving however my legs get tired really quick. I still wonder if I could put in the effort to cycle a few laps around the lake near my apartment to get my stamina up.

Really sorry that I haven't updated any pictures yet, I kind of broke my phone this time round and need to get it fixed soon. My camera is still down to.

I would like to get some advice, on how should I maintain my bike? What should I do regularly?
What kind of lube to use on the chains and How could I solve the front derailleur shifting problem?
How do I clean the bike? What do I use (just soap and water?)? Are there specific products to use to clean bikes or are there any DIY Methods to this?

Hope to get some advise from you guys soon.


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