Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gloves and Leg warmers

First thing to take not is to never cycle during winter without proper cycling base layers. Never use cotton base layers as they trap the sweat and when you speed up or the wind blows you are going to freeze. The possibility of hypothermia may set in.

I had to cycle home from work yesterday, didn't make the same mistake the as the same time. However, I did take a wrong left turn and ended up climbing 2-3 hills eventually. This was basically because I've never really cycled through those routes before.

Bought a set of BBB gloves and leg warmers at YarraValleyCycles yesterday. Eventually though of getting compression instead but they didn't have any on stock. I chose the leg warmers instead of a full length compression/thermal pants because eventually during summer when I want to cycle I would have to get another pair of shorts. So this was I could just remove the warmers and use the pants for summer.

Tried the gloves and warmers yesterday and they are really very comfortable. I still do get a little strain and pain from cycling on the joint of my thumb and palm. My hands for some reason feel very week in the morning. Is there something I am doing wrong that could be causing this ? I am really not sure.

I used my Singapore Armed Forces military issued gore-tex jacket to ride last night which I never knew was wind and water proof. Helped keep me dry all the way even though it started raining towards the end of my forty-five minute journey.

The front derailleur still does not shift very smoothly, and the bike even though with regular wiping down is really dirty. Probably would need to carry out maintenance soon.

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