Monday, July 9, 2012

Forks and Wheelset Just got Here!

After an anxious wait over the weekend, because I forgot to check the mail on campus last Friday due to work commitments. Also the stressful atmosphere at my campus due to its announcement of its closure in July 2013. None of the staff, faculty or students knew about this until it was announced in the news. Which is really unfair, the university was still taking students in for next semester which starts in August. The campus will shut with effect of 1st July 2013.

Anyways, I received the wheels and the fork. The fork is in remarkably really good condition they are a set of Marzocchi 1998 Bombers. After figuring out how the headset actually works I decided to fit in the crown race which I though I did not not have. After 10-15 minutes of research and another 10 minutes of fixing this is what I have.

Finally Figured how to fix it up

If you notice there is a half inch gap from the headset to the clamp, I need spacers.

 The 1/2 inch Gap

I I would like to apologize for the bad quality of the images, my digital camera just broke and I used my iPhone 4 to take these pictures at the best resolution I could. I don't want to have to cut the steerer tube, then I would have to install the star nut. Also would these spacers fit? FSA Spacer Carbon

Here are the wheels that I have acquired, they are brand new.

Novatechn D811SB QR Front, D*12SB QR Rear Hubs, DT Swiss Spokes with aluminium nipples, Alex XD Lite Rims with Bike ribbon tape.

Do take note the Cassette is not fixed in yet (I haven't ordered the tools yet)

Novatech Hub

The build is coming along really well so far, I just have to put in the order for the bottom bracket, tools and cranks this Wednesday. I really want to finish this build ASAP and start riding.

I'm planning to go down to my local LBS- YarraValleyCycles and get the tubes, tyre's, and brake pads sometime this week too.

Well thats all for now..

But before I end this post I would like to give a Special Thanks to : 
Bentnose from BicycleNetworkAustralia , for donating his 1998 Marzocchi Bomber's to my build.
I would also like to thank MTB Wannabe from Rotorburn forums for the wheel set.

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  1. This video helped! when I had to figure out how to install the crown race . I did not have the specific tools to do it. So I checked out youtube found that video and improvised.

    Works well!



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