Saturday, July 14, 2012

Build Update

Today I got at least this first hurdle of choosing the right fork for the bike. After a visit to YarraValleyCycles the parts I got from them settled this one problem. Got a few extras with the store credit too, which I covered in an earlier post.

Before visiting YarraValleyCycles to see if I would still need anymore spacers and I realized that I indeed needed to get one or two extras.

This is the before shot of the front assembled.

After putting one more spacer.

Anyway this are the latest pictures of my build.

I'm guessing my CRC order will be here by Monday or Tuesday. This is weird but I did not pay for DHL shipping but I received a notification saying they shipped it via DHL. Hope it arrives soon those are the last parts I need to finish up the build.

I have not fitted the tubes into the tyre's and rim's yet, still waiting for the tyre levers from CRC to arrive. Ordered a few bike specific tools.

Hoping the bike is going to be ridable by Wednesday by the latest.

Latest problem :

I am kind of clueless on how to place my shifters. I do have pictures of them in my earlier post. They are the SRAM X0 shifters. How would they be placed on the handlebars with the JetBlack Grips?

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