Thursday, July 26, 2012

Temporary lights

Bought an led light to be seen on yhe road. Cost me $20 from my local bike shop in Lilydale- Yarra Valley Cycles. Its been an interesting day rode my bike to the bank and shops. Now I'm on my way to catch up with a friend. I really have to start cycling longer distances to work up my stamina.

I've been considering cycling for a charity event in October. Its a charity ride of 200KM which goes for 2 days,, my responsibilities include raising funds and Training for the event. I am not very confident to ride that far but i am keen. Another thing stopping me is the ability to raise $2500 minimum. Not sure what is going to happen if I cant raise the minimum. At present there are about 50 spots left for cyclist. I am still thinking about it. 3 months of intense Training will be really good for me though.

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