Sunday, July 22, 2012

Front Derailleur Problem

As predicted by many forum members, my front derailleur is starting to give me problem.

The shifting on the first day was smooth but today, sometimes it couldn't shift to 1 it could only do 2 and sometimes 3. What should I do to rectify this problem?

Is this due to compatibility issues with the shifter or could something else be causing a problem ?

This week I will have to purchase a new headlight for the bike, as the old one just broke again even with all the tape that held it up for the past two days. Also need to get base layers and maybe a new jacket to cycle in.

Will be looking around and posting links to several stores about the new products I am going to purchase next week. The post's will be on cycling apparel for winter in Melbourne. I've been doing research on what will be needed and based on the experience in the last post I've learnt my lesson never to cycle with cotton base layers.

The cotton base layer holds the sweat and when the wind blow or when cycling downhill the chills are horrible.

The hunt for parts is now over and now I begin the hunt for apparel and accessories.

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