Thursday, July 12, 2012

Problems Part 2

Fork : 

The Marzocchi 1998 Bomber forks use a different size bolts. The IS system was changed in 2000 and the forks are from 1998 so in that time they have changed the IS bolts to the forks.

A forum member asked me to measure the distance of the holes, which sort of made me question what the difference could be. As soon as I put the measuring tape just beside the holes and compare it is clear that the Marzocchi fork's disc brake bracket is smaller. 

The distance between the two hole : (rough estimation based on measuring tape)

Marzocchi 1998 Bombers - 3.57cm 
RockShox Metro : 3.9cm-4cm

Tubes : 

As I thought, it has been confirmed that I bought the wrong tubes. The valve of the tube could not fit into the rim. Did some online research on different types of valves on bicycle tubes. 

There are two main types of valves : 

Image by 

Differences in Valves 

Presta : 

  • Valve size : 6mm
  • For high pressure use
  • Easier Pumping Capabilities 
  • No Spring in valve
  • Smaller Size

Schrader : 
Also used in cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.
  • Valve Size : 8mm 
  • For low pressure use 
  • Spring valve
  • Larger size 
*For more in-depth information on the valves, please check the reference list at the bottom for links. 

Need to get new tubes with Presta valves. Honestly I never knew such valves existed. 

References :

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