Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I'm not really liking the look of the bike at the moment. The silver fork and the design of it makes the whole bike look weird. I am thinking of going back to my LBS next Wednesday and trading the fork for something with a higher travel. At least minimum 100mm. Didn't get the other Marzocchi they had because I honestly couldn't afford it at this point of time.

An added problem, the tube valves would not fit into the rims because the slot it too small. Would have to exchange the tubes if possible. Just emailed my LBS, hopefully I hear from them soon.

Here are some pictures.

The Bomber fork and the RockShox Brake Mounts

The frame with the New RockShox fork Installed

The Valve that would not fit. 

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  1. Yeah I just got told I bought the wrong tubes for the rims. Oh well.



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