Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Build update

Only managed to fix the seat clamp in today. For some reason the Front Derailleur cant be tightened.

Here are some pictures, realised the screw for the FD is pretty short. What should I do?

Tried pushing it together and that didn't work either. Also tried taking oit the spacers but even that made it too loose.

P.s if this post turns out badly I'm sorry I'm using the blogger app to upload this post on my iphone.


  1. Hi Thachna,

    The clamp size on any derailleur is specific to the tube size on the frame. These seat tubes come in many different diameters. Trying to tighten a mis-matched clamp can result in damaging the frame, which can cause a crack if not careful.

    Steve (FB)

  2. Hi Steve,

    the clamp is actually supposed to be the same size 28.6mm as the frame.

    Thats the puzzling part I don't get..
    Don't worry I won't force it..

    Have to get this sorted out soon.



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