Thursday, June 21, 2012

Latest Updates - Tool Shopping & Search for Parts

Welcome Back to my blog once again. 

This week has been a pretty interesting week in my search for parts for my new DIY Build. has many listing of used parts or sometimes even new, but they are not commercial sellers.  Just a few hours ago I found two new parts 
  1. NEW SRAM 9spd PG970 12 - 26 cassette ($50)
  2. Shimano FD M-750 XT Front Derailleur ($15)

 I just emailed the seller a about an hour ago regarding the sale of these two  items, hopefully he/she gets back to me as soon as possible. This would be a great deal, although I am not sure if getting the Shimano FD M-750 XT Front Derailleur is such a good idea. 

I'm still half hearted of putting a 2x or a 3x crankset in, initially this was the plan but however I did also want to make it a single speed to save some money and eventually upgrade it. Another problem that, I recently read about was on how a chain set / crank set could easily scrape the ground. I did not know that there was a length to consider. Please advise me on how would I find out what the length should be ? 

Frame Details

Frame MaterialDN6 double butted 4130 chromoly steel
Approx. Frame Weight (g)2500
Seatpost Size (mm)27.2
Seat Clamp Size (mm)29.8
Front Mech Clamp Size (mm)28.6
Wheels26" x 2.5 tyres will just about fit, but we recommend 2.0 – 2.3"" for best performance
Mudguard mountsNo
Rack MountsYes.
Bottle Cage Bosses1 set
Fork Travel120mm MAX
DropoutsHorizontal Taperlock
Bottom Bracket shell68mm, English threaded
(source : On-One Inbred 26er Frame Specifications ) , please refer to the same link for frame geometry.

Payment for the On-One Inbred 26er 16" frame has been confirmed and the seller has emailed me regarding a few extras he may be throwing in. Sound like a massive bargain so I can't wait to see what I'm gonna be getting in the package when it arrives next week. 

I've looked at two Shimano bottom brackets for this frame and will be going for a Shimano XT/SLX/Zee Bottom Bracket - Chain Reaction Cycles . The other part that I am seriously also considering is Shimano XTR M971 9sp Rear Mech - or Shimano XTR M972 Shadow 9sp Rear Mech -  . The reviews on these three items seem pretty decent enough. 

Also came across the Shimano Saint M810 Shadow 9sp Rear Mech. The reviews on this item looks pretty good however, if you have used them please post a comment and tell me how you have found it.

Will make up my mind by next Wednesday and then put in the orders if I don't find a better deal on any of the forums. I still am on a look out for a fork, preferably RockShox, but prices seem pretty steed for the medium range forks. So far the only good deal for a RockShox fork I've come across is the RockShox Recon Silver TK Coil 100mm Fork With Lockout (approximately AUD$209-$210). 

My day at Bunnings was a pretty interesting one, even though I've never been to hardware stores as large as Bunnings. It was something new. I grew up with tools all around me, my dad is a contractor. So I knew what I was looking for and tried my best to stick within my $50 budget even though I think I did go a little over the budget. 

Tools purchased today :

  1. Rubber Mallet = $7
  2. Tube Cutter = $8
  3. Gripwell Screwdriver set = $6 (was on special, couldn't help it)
  4. Adjustable Wrench = $10
  5. Allen Key Set = $5
  6. Pliers Side Cut = 8
  7. Pliers Combination = $10 
Approximate Total : $54
*(Note: This are estimated prices only) 

I have not looked at into buying any of the bicycle specific tools yet, but I will look online on several sites to get them eventually. 

Well, I guess that's all it is for now. 

Thank you for reading, please do feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. 


  1. Go with an air-sprung fork if you can. It will be more $, but much lighter and with better quality internals. Coilers are bottom end of the market these days: heavy, and a bit of a lottery getting the right spring rate

  2. Hi TG!

    Thanks for the comment!

    What brand of forks would you recommend? I was thinking of going for RockShox Coil forks, due to the budget. this was one of the models I was seriously considering, what do you think TG?



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