Monday, June 25, 2012

Latest Updates - SRAM Cassette and Shimano Front Derailleur Received

Hi Guys!

I just received my first order today. Parts which I purchased off a user on 

All the items received in good condition, really fast shipping by the seller. 

(Shimano FD M750 XT Front Derailleur and SRAM PG970 12-26 Cassette)

Only problem now is that the front derailleur that I bought is not compatible with my frame. My frame (On-One Inbred 26er 16") is a front pull and the Shimano FD M750 XT isn't a front pull system. (This is what happens when I get too excited scouring for parts). Total cost of FD and Cassette was $65 free shipping.

Still waiting on my frame and other parts. 

Do all cassettes use the same tool or do sizes vary with different cassettes? (I want to get a cassette tightening tool but I'm not too sure which one to get. Eventually did look around on several sites but some say that they only work for Shimano cassettes. Would this tool work? (X-Tools Cassette Lockring Tool -

Looking at getting a Chainset or Crankset below $100 and also Nukeproof pedals. I was recommended a Shimano Deore Crankset (Shimano Deore M590 Triple Chainset - ChainReactionCycles), also came across the FSA Afterburner BB30 Chainset but I'm still not sure which one would be a better choice.

Fron Derailleur
If I get the cranksets as mentioned above what kind of FD (Front Derailleur) should I go for? This is kind of confusing, should the rear and front be the same brand? How would they be compatible? What are the compatibility issues I should consider?

Rear Derailleur
As for the rear derailleur at first I was going to go with  a Shimano, but I need to try something different and reviews on SRAM products seem pretty good. I was recommended the SRAM X0 9 Speed Rear Mech - ChainReactionCycles , and considering it.

A member from the BNA forum donated a 1998 Bomber Marzocchi suspension fork. It looks pretty old school, the owner said he will remove the V-brakes before shipping. I really don't need them because the frame is a disc-brake specific frame.

Here are a few pics I received from the owner:

All I had to do was pay for shipping, which seem to be a great deal!

Well that's all the updates I have for now, hope to read your comments on these products.



  1. is that a 9-spd gearset? dayum, who needs that many gears haha.. my mtb has 7 and i find thats more than enough

    1. Yeah man its 9-spd, LOL I guess thats enough for now.

      It was a hard choice to make, was thinking single speed but eventually went for a 9-speed. Did also consider a 10 speed but I guess I'll upgrade in a few months.

  2. id stick with sram dérailleur (rear) and sram shifters if your running an sram cassette. pretty sure there are compatibility issues, at least between the shifter and mech. front mech can be anything compatible with frame. personally, id go matching to rear mech for a neater finish to the build. having different brand/style shifters can make the front end look bodged. cranks, both are good. only considerations id have are if BB is included with the FSA for that price and if going the deore, i'd get a shimano front mech and shifter.

    1. Hi Padwell Doeswell,

      I am sticking with the SRAM for the rear components such as rear derailleur, cassette and shifters. Recently found a Shimano Deore XT FD with a 28.6mm clamp for $25 (Used) on RotorBurn, realized that there are not many FD's that come with the 28.6mm clamp.

      Now one problem is that I have to get a Shimano shifter for the FD and the SRAM shifter for the rear is a SRAM twist shifter, what shifter would you personally recommend for the FD? I don't want the handlebar to look all bodged as you mentioned. Are all Shimano shifters compatible with all of their derailleurs?

      As cranks I'm going for the Shimano Deore, BB included from CRC, and the reviews seem good.



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