Thursday, June 21, 2012

MTB Parts List

This is the list of parts that will be needed in order to build the mountain bike.
I came up with the list from the best ability of my memory. If I do miss anything in this list do let me know as soon as possible.

  1. Front Derailleur
  2. Rear Derailleur 
  3. Cassette [9 spd]
  4. Fork [100mm travel]
  5. Handlebar - (clamp/stem)
  6. Headset
  7. Handle bar
  8. Seat clamp
  9. Seat post
  10. Saddle 
  11. Frame 
  12. Tyres & Tube
  13. Rims 
  14. Handlebar caps (end-caps)
  15. Gear Shifters 
  16. Grips
  17. Pedals
  18. Brake System (full disc brake set)
  19. Chainset
  20. Bottom Bracket
  21. Wheel Nipples
  22. Spokes
  23. Hubs (preferred brand - Hope, dude to lighter weight)
  24. Chain 

Hope I remembered most of the parts by now.

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